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If you have done your research, have explored all of the options and are ready to set-up up a Small Self-Administered Scheme you can get started with your application using this form

Apply for a SSAS

We thrive on fresh challenges and new ideas

Constantly striving to be at the cutting edge of product development and best practice with a significant investment in research and development.

If there’s something that you are trying to achieve that you haven’t done then set us the challenge and we will be delighted to work it through for you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

When introduced to Indigo I was impressed not only by the practical solutions they offered but also with how quickly they got my scheme registered with HMRC. Very straightforward and hassle-free.
Nick Baldin
As a finance professional I need to deal with people that can solve the unusual problems clients present – Indigo have solutions in spades. Weird, wonderful or quirky they always deliver.
Rob Price
Yuron Funding
Indigo have some fantastic ideas for clients to fund themselves using pensions when other lenders cannot help. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.
Neil Hutton
SME Business Finance